3 Things To Remember When Designing Hang Tags

13 January 2017
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When it comes to selling a product, having a high-quality product is only the beginning. Before customers have the opportunity to try out your product you've got to attract their attention. Having the right packaging can help you accomplish this goal, especially when it comes to hang tags. Before designing hang tags for your new product, keep these tips in mind.  

Size The Tag Appropriately

Start with the right sized tag, as a tag that is too big or too small is an issue. Choosing the appropriate tag requires you to assess the size of the product you're offering as well as the amount of information you need to present. In terms of the size of the product, the tag should be sized so that it is easy to spot in relation to the size of the product.

Consequently, a hang tag for a stereo would be larger than one for a handkerchief. However, when it comes to content, the level of information you need to include is important. For products with special care instructions or with detailed safety warnings, you will need a larger tag, even if the item is relatively small.

Only Use Durable Material

It's also important to choose a durable material. To accomplish this, you will again need to reference the product itself and the environment in which it will typically be housed. For instance, for a water-based toy, it would be considered a wiser choice to have the tag printed on a water-resistant material.

Synthetics and plastics make an ideal choice in this instance because the print remains intact, even when exposed to water. However, for something like a garment, a traditional paper printed hang tag would likely be sufficient. You want to ensure the hang tag remains intact so that the customer can reference it when needed.

Choose The Correct Reinforcements

It doesn't matter how much focus you put on choosing the right material for your hang tag, if you aren't choosing the correct reinforcement, your tags will fall off long before the products get into the customer's hands. Like the previous tips, use the product as a reference.

For instance, a standard reinforcement hole would be satisfactory for a garment because most people with handle this type of product with care. However, when you think of something like a toy or a tool, a fiber patched eyelet would be a better choice because it would be able to better withstand more force without breaking.

Make sure you're choosing the right tag for your product. A miniature printing specialist can help you make your selection. Contact a company like Flottman Company to learn more.