Tips For Successfully Digitizing Custom Artistic Images For Embroidery

28 November 2016
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If you have decided that you want to digitize some of your custom artistic images so that you can embroider them with your new sewing machine, then there are many tips you can use to improve your results. With proper design and digitization, you can successfully embroider your artistic images onto nearly any type of fabric. To this end, follow these tips to successfully digitize your custom artistic images for use with your sewing machine:

Tip: Know Which Stitch Type Will Work the Best for Each Area You Will be Embroidering

The type of stitch that you use for each area of your digitized image design is very important and will greatly affect the end result of your embroidered image. For example, if you will be covering a large area with a single color of thread, then you should use a Tatami or Stepp filling stitch. Smaller areas should use a Satin stitch and outlines are best embroidered using a Run stitch.

Tip: Use the Proper Stitch Direction on Your Digitized Images

When you are digitizing your artistic images, it is vital that you choose the right direction for the stitching. The rule to follow for this aspect of your design is to use the shortest distance across the fill area. For example, if you are digitizing the trunk of a tree, you should choose a stitch direction across the tree's trunk rather from the top to the bottom. This helps to keep your machine working faster by avoiding a lot of jump stitches.

Tip: Always Start with the Image's Background

Just as when you paint a picture, you should always digitize the background of your artistic images first and then do the foreground objects and outlines. For example, if you have an image that has a sky with clouds floating in it, first you should digitize the sky and then fill in the cloud images. Finally, once you have the clouds in place, then you should finish the areas of the design with outline stitches.

Tip: Simplify Your Design When Necessary for a Better Embroidered Image

Lastly, when you are digitizing an image to embroider it with your sewing machine, you should simplify the image as much as you can without damaging the overall look of the final design. For example, if you will be embroidering the image of a tree, you should eliminate small leaves and combine those that are the same color into one section on your digital image.

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