Have The Perfect Direct Mailing Created To Promote Your New Business

13 October 2016
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If you have recently opened a business in a small community, it is important to do whatever you can to get the word out about your business opening. A great way to promote your new business without spending a fortune is to use direct mailings. The guide that follows provides you with information for creating the perfect direct mail to send to your potential customers.

Choose a Color that Will Stand Out

When choosing the color for your direct mailer, you want to be sure to choose a color that will not blend in with the other mail that arrives in the mailbox. Choosing a bold color that will stand out from all of the other mailers and envelopes that are in the box is the best way to ensure that the recipient will actually look at the mailer to see what it is. Choose a bold, colorful option for the main color for your mailer, such as red, yellow, or orange.

Add a Coupon to Entice People to Visit Your Store

If you really want to drum up business, consider adding a small value coupon to the mailer. Knowing that they will save money right when they walk into the door will entice many people to want to come and see what items you have available. The idea of saving money makes a trip to your store less risky for someone because they know in advance that they will be able to save on the purchase that they make.

Include an Attention Grabbing Picture

There are some people who do not take the time to read mailers if there is not something that is unique or attention grabbing on them. Find a picture that is very attention grabbing that pertains to your business. Post it on the mailer so that it will grab the attention of the recipients and increase the chances of people actually reading what the mailer says.

Include Contact Information

Take the time to include contact information on the mailer, as well. The address of your establishment needs to be included on the mailer so that people can easily find your business. The phone number should also be included so that potential buyers can call with any questions that they may have. You may also want to include your business's website address so that people can learn more about your business quickly and easily.

If you include all of these details on your direct mailings, the chances of drumming up business will be greatly improved. Be sure to take the time to check over the mailings closely before having them printed en masse to ensure that any changes that need to be made can be made ahead of time. Contact a printing company for more info.