Tips For Making Labels For Soap

31 August 2016
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If you are planning on selling your own soaps, there is a good chance that you are going to need to make your own labels in order to ensure that customers can quickly and accurately identify the soap that they are buying and ensure that they are getting the right one. Here are some tips for creating effective labels for your bars of soap.

1. Color Code It

If you are selling soap that smells like lavender, make sure that you use purple in your label for that soap. If you are selling soap that smells like fresh linen, use white for that label. Even though many other soap companies use the same colors for the same scents, you should still follow this practice. The reason for this is that people are often in a hurry when they shop and if their favorite scent is lavender, they are going to go with a brand that allows them to easily identify it. People don't want to have to read labels while they are shopping. 

2. Don't Overcrowd Your Label

Unless you are deliberately trying to appeal to a teen scene with crazy graphics and cluttered labels, try to keep your label undercrowded, rather than overcrowded. This means that you have a picture or two in the center of your label and the name of your brand on the front and nothing else. This will help your label remain clean and easy to read. It will also help you stand out from all of the overcrowded labels that might be on the shelves next to your product. 

3. Keep the Shape Simple

Even if you have really cool shaped soaps, you want to keep their boxes consistent. Have the box either be a rectangular prism or a cylinder with an oval for the top and base sides. This will help you stock your product more easily on the shelves, ship it more easily in boxes, and decrease the chances that it will fall apart. You want your soaps to look good for a long time on the shelves, not to be crumbling. Having uniform boxes will help with this problem.

Once you have your box decided, you can then either choose to label it directly with the name of your company and product or you can choose to apply a secondary label afterwards. Having a simple box shape will make labeling it easier.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in label manufacturing.