Branding Your Business: Four Ways To Use Custom Printing In Your Restaurant

15 July 2016
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Custom printing is one way to help brand your restaurant and get its name out there in the world. There are lots of great ways to use custom printing in your restaurant, and choosing a few of these options can help to make a big impact on customers. Here are just a few of the many choices you can put to work for your restaurant.

Custom Shopping Bags

Whether you have a to-go menu or you simply offer guests the option to take leftovers home with them, having paper shopping bags available serves several purposes. The bags make it easy to carry out leftovers, so your guests won't have to balance a stack of leftover trays or struggle with cheap plastic bags. The shopping bags can be custom-printed with your restaurant's name, logo and contact information. As your guests leave your restaurant, the logo can be seen by people walking by, helping to spread your name and message to the local community.

Custom Napkins

Why settle for plain white or brown napkins when you can customize these restaurant necessities? Have napkins custom printed with your logo, address and website, and be sure to pack plenty in your to-go shopping bags. Your guests will be able to take them home to use that night or save them for use later. They'll see your logo the next time they reach for a napkin, which will remind them of the great experiences they've had while dining with you.

Custom To-Go Menus

Custom to-go menus are a great option to help build your take-out business or to compel customers to come back for another visit. Place the menus in take-out bags with every order so your customers can use them for future orders, or hand them out with the check for guests who have dined in so they know about your take-out services. If you don't offer a take-out menu, consider having your seasonal menus printed so guests can see what special meals you are planning to serve each month. You can also mail the menus to customers on your mailing list to help your business grow.

Work with your printing service to find other custom options for your restaurant. You may be able to order custom-printed to-go boxes, beverage cups, coffee cup sleeves or pizza boxes. Choose the options that make the most sense for your business and continue to build your brand with custom printing.