Make Your Mailers More Interactive For Better Results

6 June 2016
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Mailers as a form of advertisement are easy to send out. You can use a mailing service to deliver your mailers during the time of the promotion in order to bring in new customers. If you use a printing service to help you put together bulk advertisements plus use a cost effective mailing service, this can be an inexpensive form of advertising. What you must worry about when it comes to mailing is capturing attention. Here are some methods for making mailers more attractive and interactive to get better results at bringing in consumers. 

Provide useful advertisements during holidays

Holidays means time off, which gives customers free time to visit your website or store. Holidays are also a great time to send out a usable advertisement. For instance, during Thanksgiving, you can send out turkey bags or napkins with your name on them. This way most people in  the home will see your advertisement, plus think about coming to your business during their usual Black Friday sales. For the Fourth of July, you can provide red, white, and blue bandanas printed with you company name. Inserting your business in the festivities is important. 

Print scratch offs

Interactive mailers are the best type of mailers possible. If you plan to offer discounts via mailers, make them in the form of a lotto scratch off card.  Offering a monetary amount off of purchase to spend at your store may also make some consumers feel like they hit the lottery. 

Make admission tickets for events

Throwing exclusive events is one of the best ways to attract more attention to your store. Create an advertisement that looks like a concert or movie ticket for an event at your store. Set up a sample sale or an annual event that would benefit many of your shoppers. Have them bring in the mailer ticket as an admission in order to gain access to the sale. You can also have customers make reservations for the event and reserve the biggest discounts for those who register for the event and show up first. 

Mail accessories for electronics

Accessories such a stickers for electronics, stretchable covers for phones, and USB sticks are something that most people today will use. Send these out printed with your company name and logo. If you want to become a household name, a mail campaign that is usable for everyday products is one of the best ways to attract attention and become a permanent household fixture. Contact a print shop, like NorCal Presort and Printing, for more.