Learn How To Have Customized Christmas Cards Created Quickly And Easily

6 January 2016
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If you are a family who loves to send Christmas cards out during the holidays, consider having custom Christmas cards printed this year. Custom Christmas cards allow you and your family to show your unique style to friends and family in an easy way. The following guide walks you through a few tips for creating the best Christmas cards you possibly can. 

Consider the Photo

When you have custom Christmas cards printed, you can choose any picture you want to put on the front of your card. Some people choose to have everyone dress in matching outfits or choose a photo that was taken throughout the year that shows the family having fun together. No matter which picture you choose, take the time to examine it closely. Be sure that there is nothing in the background that you do not want in the picture, that no one is making a crazy facial expression, and that there is no one in the background that you do not want to have in the picture.

Choose the Perfect Words

Next, you need to choose what you want the card to say. You can choose to have it say something funny, something that means something to your friends and family, or something that is sweet and heartfelt. Be sure that the card states the year and that you wish everyone a Merry Christmas on it.

Order in Advance

Sometimes people wait to order their Christmas cards a few weeks before the big day, but that is not a good idea. The printing company needs time to be able to create the cards and then you need time to ship them. Order the cards a month or two before the holiday season begins to ensure that you have them in time and are able to send them before the holidays.

Have Your Return Address Pre-Printed

The printing company can also preprint envelopes for you that already have your address printed on them. This will save you time because you will not have to put a label or write your return address on each envelope.

Sending out Christmas cards takes some time, so it is best to set aside an afternoon to address them all so that you can rest assured that everyone will get your family's Christmas card on time. Be sure to seal each envelope well so that no cards fall out while being delivered.