Four Things That You Cannot Forget For A Complete Rack Card Design

9 December 2015
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There are a few necessities that even the most basic rack card needs to include to maximize the return on investment you get from producing this form of printed advertisement.

The following are the four features that you must be sure that your rack card design includes before it goes to the printer so that your cards will have the desired effect on viewers:

An eye-catching photo or slogan

Something has to pique viewers' interest or no one is going to notice your card when it is hung up alongside others that offer more visual appeal. 

When you're deciding upon an enticing element that will draw all eyes to your rack card, consider your target audience and what concepts and objects it is curious about.

Also, consider how your rack card will be displayed. It's important to realize that only the top half of a rack card will be displayed in some locations. If this is the case, you'll want to include your eye-catching elements at the top of your card design. 

Your company/organization logo

All of your company's advertising efforts should be aimed at establishing your brand identity in your audience psyche. As such, they should all include an unforgettable logo and ideally a catchy slogan as well. 

On your rack card, you probably want to include a logo prominently displayed at the top of the card. You might want to display your logo in multiple locations- including in your your call-to-action- and in different sizes if you have enough space on the card after you've finished listing essential details. 

A call-to-action

If a viewer is interested in the offer or event that you're promoting, he or she needs to know how to follow up on the issue. This is what your call-to-action is for. 

Usually located at the bottom of a rack card, the call-to-action needs to clearly and succinctly detail how clients can follow up on the rack card subject. Though you might locate the call-to-action at the bottom under detailed content above, you should make sure that this call-to-action is one of the most prominently displayed graphics/text boxes on your entire card. 

An address, directions, and a map

Giving your company a physical location that customers will be aware of when viewing your card will lend credibility to your company and your products or services.

The best cards include a graphic consisting of a simplified map that can help viewers to instantly understand your location and be able to recall it later.