3 Tips For Creating A Suitable Cover For Your Self-Published Novel

23 October 2015
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If you're a new time writer who has completed a novel, you may already be hoping to self-publish it. While self-publishing presents a lot of challenges, one of the most important is designing the cover of your book on your own. Many people are still influenced by the cover when deciding whether to read a novel or not. Here are some tips to help you design a suitable cover.

Choose Appropriate Fonts

The fonts you use for the title and text of your book can make a big difference when people are reading what you've written. Even if your story is fantastic, the wrong fonts can turn people off.   Avoid choosing comic fonts or fonts that are difficult to read. You might think the title looks fun or unusual, but the truth is that it may repel readers who cannot accurately determine what the title is or people who are more interested in a good story than strange fonts.

Use Stock Photography

The art on the cover of your book can be one of the most attractive things about your book or it could cause people to stop looking at it. Many people still form opinions about a book before they read it, so you need to choose something that will stir the imagination and encourage people to read what you've written.

While you might want to draw something yourself or take your own pictures, using stock photography can be an easy way to come up with an image that is both suitable and professional-looking. Be sure to use a picture that is simple so that the focus can be on your title. Instead of using a field of flowers as the cover photo, for instance, consider using a picture that showcases a single rose.

Ask for Feedback

While you may think you've created a great cover, your target market may not agree. Send an image of your cover to those who you've allowed to read your novel so that you can get some feedback about whether your cover will be attractive to people. You can also send some images to those whose opinion you respect but have not read your story. Just be aware that they may like the cover you've made but might not know whether it is suitable for your book or not.

Now that you know some ways to attract readers with a good cover design, use the information above to create a great cover for your self-published novel. Work with a digital book printing service that can help you feel confident that your cover is the best it can be. Go to websites like this to learn more about digital book printing services.