Three Great Canvas Print Ideas For A House Warming Present

12 October 2015
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When a good friend or family member is moving into a new space, their home warming party is often the first party they throw. Before the housewarming it is a good idea to find a great gift that will help them settle into the home. One of the best gifts that you can give is a great canvas print. A canvas print should be your front runner as a gift, since canvas print photos last for many decades and are sturdier than printed photos. Here are three different canvas portraits that you should consider having printed for a house warming.

Pictures of the group

Whether you are going to a home warming for a friend or a family member, a picture of the group that the two of you are a part of is a great canvas print. Memories are something special to everyone and a good group photo is a great way to give a memory as a gift. A black and white print of a great office photo or a family get together is likely to find its way in your host's common area on display. Be sure to pick a photo that makes the host look good.

Their favorite type of scenery

Some people are lovers of the ocean. Others enjoy the big city. Some people also love Zen-like art that depict photos of calming landscapes. No matter what your friend enjoys most, a quality canvas photo created by a printing service will give them the picture perfect scenery. Powerful scenery set to a canvas means that they can easily hang the picture immediately. Most canvas prints only take a nail, since they are set to proper backing and do not require any further setting. A color canvas print that gives your friend good vibes from their favorite scenery is the perfect house warming gift. Contact a local printer, like Kwik Kopy Business Center.

A beloved quote/saying

In modern times, quotes are as much a part of photography as pictures. If your loved one is a fan of one quote in particular, get the saying printed on a canvas for their house warming present. Uplifting quotes especially can help the decor as well as lift the spirits of anyone in the room. If you need to find their favorite quote, you can ask them for the best piece of advice they ever received, or ask their favorite philosopher. You can choose to get the quote printed on a blank canvas background, or you can include a photo that perfectly complements the words on the canvas picture. Canvas prints for quotes can be set to any color background unlike pictures, offering you unlimited possibilities for choosing an uplifting message and photograph.