3 Ways To Make An Office Printer More Eco-Friendly

18 March 2015
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Environmentally friendly business practices are becoming more and more important in the 21st century. Whether it's reducing a corporation's carbon footprint by utilizing more electric automobiles, or simply instituting a recycling policy and deploying bins throughout the building, businesses are becoming more adept at shaping their businesses to help protect the environment.

In fact, one of business's most criticized practices, printing, is subject to a host of  'green overhauls' that will help make paper documentation a less wasteful necessity. This article outlines some of the many ways you can outfit your office printer to become a more environmentally friendly machine.

Tree-Free Paper

Although paper products have traditionally been the result of heavy deforestation practices, you can now purchase paper that is comprised of entirely compostable compounds. This tree-free paper leaves the world's forests intact.

Tree-free paper can be made from things like banana peels, wheat fibers, and even from sugar cane. Even more impressive for businesses buying bulk, this kind of paper isn't that much more expensive than traditional paper made from trees.

Eco-Friendly Ink & Toners

Businesses are no longer confined to the world of conventional inkjet printer ink or toner. There are a multitude of environmentally friendly printer inks and toners available on the market that can help curb waste of precious natural resources.

Conventional printer inks are composed of petroleum-based compounds, and are replete with a host of volatile organic compounds that reduce air quality and collectively threaten the integrity of Earth's ozone.

By contrast, environmentally friendly printer inks and toners are made using soy derivatives. These soy-based compounds contain miniscule concentrations of volatile organic compounds, if any, and are significantly easier to recycle than paper printed with petroleum-based inks.

Packaging Is Important Too

Not only do these eco-friendly paper and ink-products represent a more sustainable approach to business in and of themselves, even their packaging is designed to curb waste and benefit the environment.

There are a number of different certifications pertaining to the eco-friendly packaging of goods. These initiatives are in place primarily to help ensure that packaging practices aren't unnecessarily damaging to the world's forests, or to the wildlife that inhabit the world's forests. They are also in place to promote more responsible forestry management practices and help protect endangered species that aggressive deforestation often endangers.

Ultimately, there are a number of ways you can turn what you thought was an ordinary office printer into an environmentally friendly, forest-saving, volatile organic compound-demolishing powerhouse. For more options, contact a printer dealer like Office Products Services.