Getting The Most Out Of Your Metal Photo Prints

6 March 2015
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Family portraits are a great way to stop time and create lasting memories. While most families traditionally have their photos printed on paper or canvas, technology has made way for a new, unique way to print your pictures. You can now have your photos printed on metal. Metal prints can transform your photos into a beautiful piece of art that will last for a considerable length of time. Knowing how to get the most out of your metal photo prints is helpful.

Enhance your Image

Before sending off your image to the metal printer, take some time to enhance the picture first. Dark spots and other blemishes in the color quality of the picture will only be exacerbated by the surface of the metal. Once printed, these spots will appear darker than they actually are. This will diminish the overall look of your photo and distort its image.

If your photo is particularly dark, consider brightening the photo before you send it off to be printed on the metal.  If the photo is too dark, it will be difficult to make out the detail in your photo once it has been printed. Best of all, you don't need a professional to do this. There are a number of software programs that you can easily download and use to enhance your picture on your own. If you aren't sure exactly how to enhance your picture, use an auto-correct feature.


It's also a good idea to crop your image before having it printed on metal. While it's not necessarily a requirement, it will make your print look better. Blank space on a metal print will translate differently than it does on a traditional photo paper print. Take a family portrait with the sky in the background.

On paper, you can see the different colors and dimension that make up the sky, creating a beautiful landscape. However, on metal, this dimension might appear as strange black speckles in the open space. Depending on the printer you use, they may be able to catch this before the photo is printed. However, cropping the picture on your own is generally a safer option.

If you're looking for a more stylish and unique way to display your photos, metal photo printing is a solution that can assist you with accomplishing this goal. Take a little time to prepare your photo for a higher quality finished print.