Get Noticed With Strategic Sidewalk Signs

26 February 2015
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If you have a business in a strip mall, or in a shopping center and it's sometimes hard to get noticed, sidewalk signs can help. If you want an easy way to promote events and deals going on within your business, or you want to make sure people know you are there, fold out signs are ideal.

There are online companies that can print and ship the signs you need, and you don't have to worry about the signs looking professional. You will design the sign online, and then the company does the work. Here are a few benefits to sidewalk signs.


Sidewalk signs are very affordable, so you can get a variety. Large electronic signs can be very costly to have made, and also to keep illuminated throughout business hours. You can get multiple signs with information for a very low price, which is ideal to keep marketing costs down. You can display everything from extended hours, to discounts and 'help wanted' messages.


Paper signs and vinyl banners may be easy to hang, or easy to make on your own, but a little bit of wind or weather can be a problem. Rain or snow can cause these signs to get moisture damage or they can tear. The plastic sidewalk signs are going to withstand all weather, and be easy to clean if needed.

You also don't need to spend time trying to get the sign in the right position; they just fold into place quickly.


The signs are going to be noticeable because people have to walk around them. Someone is going to look at something that is right in front of them on a sidewalk, opposed to something that is hanging in a store of a window with other things. You can also use the signs around your store for people to see.

There are different sizes of signs for all of your different marketing needs, and you can put custom messages and logos on the plastic. The signs can easily be put away and stored when you are done with them, because they collapse and won't take up a lot of space. If you want people to know that your store is there, and that it has something to offer them, display it on a sidewalk sign and make them walk around it while they are browsing at the shopping center you are a part of.